There are many differences in between the Old and the New Testaments in the Bible but over the years tradition and misunderstanding have blurred the lines of demarcation. To be able to understand what we have as Christians and what Jesus Christ accomplished.those lines have to be
re-established in our minds and in our culture. Note that the New Testament that I refer to started on the day of Pentecost ninety days after Jesus Christ ascended into heaven.
Some of the major differences are !) In the Old Testament Israel was under the law. In the New Testament we are freed from the law of sin and death. 2) In the Old testament God’s promise to Israel was and is that they will go to paradise. In the New Testament God’s promise to the Christians is that they will go to heaven. 3) In the Old Testament Israel looked forward to the accomplishments that Christ would accomplish. In the new Testament we look back on those accomplishments and can claim the power, authority and righteousness by those accomplishments. 4) Israel were servants of God. In the New Testament Christians are sons of God and Joint heirs with Jesus Christ. 5) In the Old Testament only a few people had spirit put on them. In the New Testament all who believe have spirit born within them. 6) In the Old Testament people with the spirit on them could loose it if they messed up too bad, blew it, sinned big enough. In the New Testament Christians cannot loose the holy spirit. Although, it would take volumes of text to explain all the details of these differences I will give enough information for you to see the accuracy of these differences.
The first half of number one is pretty simple. All you have to do is read the first five books of the Bible (the Torah) because it is self explanatory. If you get confused or lost that is ok because the Jews don’t follow it and the Christians aren’t under the law, also known as the law of Moses or the Mosaic law.