Many times we have honored our men and women in arms for their service to our country and rightfully so, but there is another cost to be paid for the freedom that our forefathers have given us. It is ours and it is only we here in the United States who can pay. That obligation does not rest on the shoulders of the brave military men and women of our country. This is an obligation that they cannot fulfill. It requires the same dedication that our troops exhibit and that obligation lays at the feet of our Christian leadership, our government officials and the citizenry of America.

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Over the last four decades the businesses and corporations in the United States have shifted their philosophy on storage and stock piling of goods to a “just in time supply” mode. In other words, there is little to no “stock” or stored items in the store. All the merchandise, food, etc. comes in just in time for the consumer to purchase it. This has been a real cost saver to the businesses that, before the “just in time supply”, had to carry large amounts of merchandise and hold it for long periods of time. Their cash flow is better and the cost of holding those goods is virtually gone. “Just in time supply” was and is good for business but what about the consumer in today’s world?

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